Where do I take my new Lauderdoodle puppy?

When you purchase a Lauderdoodle labradoodle, you’re joining a family of owners from across the Midwest and around the country. We keep in touch with each of our owners, to find out what works for them and the positive experiences they’ve had with veterinarians and dog trainers near us. This page is a list of the recommended providers of puppy services that our family of owners have recommended rom their experiences.

If you have worked with a great veterinarian, dog trainer or groomer who took especially good care of your labradoodle, let the other owners know about him or her! It’s important to us that all our puppies get the very best care and treatment possible, and Lauderdoodles will do whatever we can do to help you find the best providers for your new puppy.

Labradoodle Veterinarians

Milford, Michigan

Bear, Delaware

Avon Lake, Ohio

Adrian, Michigan

Labradoodle Trainers

Walled Lake, Michigan

Plymouth, Michigan

Labradoodle Groomers

Hartland, Michigan

If you’d like to see your veterinarian, trainer or groomer on this list, then let us know! Send us an email with your experience and recommendation at Lauderdoodles@gmail.com today.