We purchased our Milk Chocolate colored standard sized boy, Charlie, 3 years ago when our youngest was a baby. They are now inseparable. Charlie is gorgeous. We are asked where he came from all the time. In the summer he turns a golden blonde on the tips of his hair. He has a coat that feels like silk and does not shed!! He is perfectly house trained and such a good boy. Our neighborhood calls him the party dog because he is always so happy, wants to say hi to everyone he sees, wants to play and is just so friendly towards every living creature. He had never been around cats & we just got a kitten. He has been so gentle and loves to groom the kitten. He even lets the kitten eat out of his bowl with him and will stop eating if the kitten gets pushy. Lol We can not say enough about how much we love him and always tell people who are interested in a Labradoodle that they must call Maggie.


We got our puppy (Penelope) Nelly in May. She is a 'micro' labradoodle.. and she is amazing! She is so smart and has quite the personality. She loves meeting new people and gets along great with other dogs! We were SO happy that we made the decision to go with Maggy and she was so wonderful throughout our entire process. We couldn't be happier. Thank you Lauderdoodles!!


There is not a better, and caring place than this. You will find to bring home a new member for your family, so loving, so perfect, it will be a match from heaven. Thank you Maggie, Judge and Thor are the apple of my eyes!


I can't say enough good things about the quality of the experience and pet I was fortunate enough to receive from Laurderdoodles. I got my dog Zoey from Laurderdoodles almost 10 years ago. She is been a beautiful, healthy dog with a perfect disposition for me and my family. The quality of her breeding and her care as a puppy has been evident since I got her at 10 weeks old. Thank you Lauderdoodles!